Thursday, June 24, 2010

Digging Out

I have finally cleared enough of the boxes out of the house to be able to get some things done. One of those things was dyeing yarn and so there are yarns slowly trickling into the shop. I also took some time out to go and visit a winery and to buy some wines. I traveled down to the Moletto winery which sits in both the Friuli region (where I live) and the Veneto region. The wines were wonderful and I came home with several cases half of which we have already drunk. Next on the list of things to do is to take the umpteen litre size demijohns to the local winery to fill up so we can bottle our own.
The buildings where the winery is housed were built is the 1500's and are little changed. The room above is where the field workers wives spun wool and wove when they were not working in the fields at the harvest.         
We then headed into the nearby town for lunch where we met up with some officers in the local Cabbinieri who were happy to show us around their building.
Then the following week we headed over to Vittorio Veneto to tour the old city (Serravalle) and to have lunch. The cathedral in this city has a beautiful alterpiece by Titian and has made me consider doing another blog on Italian country churches. What passes for a poor country church here frequently contains 15th and 16th century frescoes and/or paintings by artists that we all know and love. I cannot imagine growing up and thinking that the old church where your family has attended forever is actually a splendid repository for some of the most unappreciated art in Italy. We shall see what I come up with.
We went to lunch where the antipasti for 2 looked like this:

And the lunch was a mixed grill of meats with grilled vegetables and lots of prosecco and red wine. I forgot to take any other pictures of the food because my hands were messy from eating such a great meal. The cooking in this region is amazing. A great book about it is called : Venezia: Food and Dreams. I love this cookbook.
Not too much else going on really. I did finish the Driftwood socks and I love them. Now I am on to a pair for someone else. I wish I could knit for me ... but I have a hard time rationalizing it. So today it is a movie and knitting. And I am off.

Rain puddles at night
Full of broken yellow moons
And the sound of frogs.