Sunday, October 4, 2009

It Was Short But Sweet ...

Autumn that is. It lasted about a day and a half and now we are expecting snow. So, we scoured the garden today for everything that needed to be picked before a hard freeze. Carrots, squash, and the last of the eggplant. That leaves the parsnips on their own for another few weeks.

Things that have happened since the last post are:

The Western Idaho State Fair ... where Ruby took Grand Champion in her class and Walker took 3rd in his and they both took third in a combined class.

This pictures is of Walker being "set to show" by some friends of mine. It was fun and they have amazing and funny "Fair Food" like deep fried Twinkies and Snickers bars. And Tornatoes (a crispy potato swirly thing) and great Basque lamb sandwiches. There were tractor pulls and some amazing quilt exhibits (I thought of you there, Anne!)

We had several more batches of baby chicks show up and one fatality in that bunch. And I have a hen that has started crowing ... not sure what that is all about.

I am getting ready to head out in a week or so for Rhinebeck, NY for their Sheep and Wool festival. Taking some new yarn colours and a new sock pattern called "Harvest on the Palouse". And I will get to see the Daughter and meet her beau for the first time ... big excitement there.

On a lighter note ... Jennie the Dog has been having a great time keeping the leaves rounded up and keeping track of her chicken friends. I just wish they liked that part as much as she does.

Slowing our passage
Chestnuts, that the wind knocked down,
Litter the pathway.