Friday, December 19, 2008

A Time of Rest

Winter is about the only time here that I get to sit down and knit and rest and plan. It seems like the other nine months are spent running around trying to get caught up. But here we are ... the end of the year and I am finally knitting frantically and trying to get the newest member of the family situated ... and housebroken. I finally have a puppy!!! I am so excited it seems a bit pathetic but there you are. Her name is Jennie and she is a Border Collie. Sable coloured and very very cheerful. Here you go ... cute no? I of course think she is completely adorable.

Other farm news ... the cows have gone to a friends for winter feeding and the ram has gone to the same friends house to get him out of my pens so I could open them up to all of the ewes and the remailing lambs. Not too much else going on ... it has been unseasonably cold after being unseasonably warm well into December. So it has been the usual debacle of frozen water and late baby chicks who are having a bit of a time of it. And on the knitting front ... well they are gifts and can't be covered here till they have been given. New yarn colours are going to be coming out soon ... and even some new yarn as I will start to dye some superwash DK weight yarns too.

Clouds fly across the sky,
The plum tree in the garden
holds blossoms of snow.