Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well Italy is looming on the horizon as is my arm surgery. One I am looking forward to and the other ... not so much. We will probably start the shipping our household out in mid February so now comes the time of deciding which knittting projects are "Have to Have's" and which can be mailed and which I can wait upon. I suspect the return to knitting to be slow but I think it will actually help in my recovery.
We have started the Italian House Hunting Project ... and they seem pretty good. Some even have kitchens in them already. What you say? Yes , it is not uncommon to rent a house that has nothing but the walls in it. No sinks, no counters, no nothing. So, we will look for something wioth some land for JennietheDog to run on and maybe I will get a few chickens. I few people we know have actually bought homes there ... and I cannot rule that out. I just hope we have a "view".

This is my view now. So I think the bar is a bit high. LOL

JennietheDog is missing her sheep ... and when most of the chickens go I imagine that will be traumatic as well. She did a brilliant job defending them today from a large and hungry hawk.
If anyone needs any of the yarn in my etsy shop please let me know ASAP as it will be Italy bound in another week. I have a few colours of the wool/silk blend not listed ... if you want to know what they are please ask. More to come I am sure.
On cat's paws ... the fog
Gray and floating, softly creeps
Curling 'round my feet

Sunday, January 24, 2010

And Then There Were None …

Ahhh … moving. The sheep left today and the chickens are going next week and we will be without livestock for the first time since we moved here. It seems quite barren and very quiet. JennietheDog seems lost without her sheep … she didn’t even perk up when I took her on a walk.
The move to Italy is still in limbo, date wise, and so in the interim I am having shoulder surgery. Major rebuilding they think although they will not know till they get in there and look around … not exactly what I wanted to hear. Nor that I will be unable to knit for several weeks.

Odd thing ... blog writer in Windows7 seems to publish my posts now ... maybe because there were no pictures yet ... not sure. This is a gratuitous lamb photo ... I miss the little guys.
The sound of the wind
In the forest behind me
A raven flies off.

Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Panic Effectively ...or

How I live my life from day to day.
I dislike change … and not just a little. And yet, I have managed to live a life that is constantly full of change, most of which is totally out of my control. I think I might have issues. A few days ago I found out that we were probably moving … again … overseas …. again. This is no small task although I could do it in my sleep … what makes this daunting is that I have to accomplish this in 8 weeks. I have to liquidate my livestock now that I have a flock of award winning sheep and sell my vehicles and separate out my household goods into storage, to be packed, and to be sent off to the kids. I have to figure out what JennietheDog needs to do to get there ok and introduce her to “the kennel”. I have a business that I need to figure out how to make work from there and a new venture that I will be learning from long distance.
The up-side you may ask? Well that is the part where I will be living at the foot of the Italian Alps. So I guess you can expect lots of pictures of Italy and lots of recipes for northern Italian food. Not so shabby huh? LOL

Traveling along
Down this road … even here I
Cannot see the moon