Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As Summer Draws Down

First the camera has been found and so without further ado here are Jennie and Blanche:

They have been pretty good buddies till yesterday. Jennie likes to pull on Blanche's ears as a way to get her to go where she wants her to go ... but a lamb has delicate ears. Last night while tugging on Blanche's ears Jennie managed to nick a vein ... and there was blood everywhere. On the lamb ... on the dog ... on one of the other sheep. Everyone survived but now when Blanche sees Jennie coming she runs in the shed and shoves her head in the straw. Not all friendships are made to last I guess.
Resting on the porch
A morning glory has bloomed
Brilliant in the shade.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

We have a new addition to the sheep flock. A tiny late born lamb from a friend of mine. She is white and smaller than JennietheDog and her name is Blanche. Blanche DuBois. She was alone for about 3 weeks before she came here to live and is a bit neurotic because of that. But I think she will be fine in the long run. No pictures however as I cannot find the camera since my return from Sock Summit.

And WOW! was that fun. I don't get off of the ranch much. And Portland was overwhelming and the Summit was exhausting. I met quite a few people who buy my yarn which was nice One of them even knit me a little tiny sock to wear on my neck thingy that they give you to keep your name tag etc. in. A very sweet gesture I thought. No picture ... camera still missing.

I did however receive an e-mail just before my frenzy of preparations began from a lovely woman who must knit like the wind because she sent me pictures of two sets of socks that she knit from my yarn.

Aren't they gorgeous? I feel a bit like a slacker since I am a slow (but steady) knitter. I will have to try this pattern out for myself.
Well I have to find the camera as I do have some pictures to share ... catch up with you later!
Blue-eyed prairie grass
Waving in the wind ... rippling
I can see the wind.