Monday, June 29, 2009

A Pet of Her Very Own

I know, I know, I am SO bad about writing. I think about it every day and then think of something that is coming up that I will want to add and then nothing ever gets done. And I know better. Every morning I check my favorite blogs to see what folks are up too. One friend, Anne, ( writes daily ... and when she does not I truly fear that she is ill. She sent me a lovely package with several British magazines, one of which I am considering subscribing to since there were four items in it that I am prepared to knit right away. The name of the magazine is Yarn Forward and I highly recommend it. I have been knitting socks ... working on a design for Sock Summit and am now dyeing a yarn for the Sock Summit dying contest "Dye For Glory". Catchy name eh? No pics since things are not settled upon.

Big news here is that the Daughter graduated from University with 2 Bachelor degrees and a minor and her Global Certification in Mandarin Chinese. All in four years and I am SO proud of her. The above photo shows her in her regalia along with her brother who attends a different university 10 miles away.

And on the home front JennietheDog has a new pet of her very very own. A baby chick. It hatched in the hen house which is a very dangerous place for a baby and so had to be removed immediately. I believe it is a Japanese bantam due to it's amazingly small stature and very short legs but only time will tell. JennietheDog loves her will all of her heart and the baby follows her everywhere. I will have to keep you posted on this. I have lots more to tell but will have to write again tomorrow. My son had his wisdom teeth out as an emergency this morning and I need to care for him. Later ...
The bee emerges
Drunk with nectar. Then stumbles
Off to drink again