Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Doldrums

It's true ... like the sailors of old, I have been seriously languishing here. The Daughter headed back to her job and school and as usual that was a real show stopper for me. But the weather has turned, mostly, and so my mood is a bit better. That and I am going to get to go home to Idaho for about 6 weeks. The reason is not the best ... but I am looking past that to the idea of spending some serious time with my friends and my spinning wheel and my knitting.

Here in Japan it has been cool and rainy (60-ish most days) the perfect weather for the hydrangea that are blooming everywhere. They are in the most incredible colours here ... just amazing. And then, this week, out came the sun ... and *poof!* it is in the 80's with a gazzillion percent humidity ... not too good for the hydrangea but a welcome sight for me.

On the needles I have the second of a pair of socks by Sundara called grape hyacinth after the yarn colour. These are beautiful yarns ... absolutely lovely. But as with all socks ... I am not so keen on knitting the second one. But I am plugging on. I did have to change the pattern a bit when it occurred to me that the cabling might not fit into my clogs so well. So I stopped cabling a bit early. But otherwise they are knit as written.
I ordered some other yarn this week as well. From and I can hardly wait to see it. I ordered both of the Brother Amos colourways although it is the Brimstone one that I am after. Both inspired by Brenda Dayne at Cast- On and sure to be great! Not that I need more yarn, mind you, but I could not say no.
Well enough rambling for now ... a slight breeze has come up and I think I'll be sailing off for a bit. But I will post China pictures soon ... that was quite the adventure.
The bee emerges
Drunk with nectar ... stumbles off
To drink again.