Monday, August 2, 2010

In the Summer Sun

Last month I was lucky enough to have my neice come to visit. It was huge fun and I had the pleasure of dragging her out and about in the hottest weeks that anyone can remember here abouts. Yea, that is just how my luck rolls. It was actually so bad that for 2 or 3 days we lay about in the house watching DVD's while I coached her at knitting. However, before the heat was too bad we did head up into the Alps thinking, mistakenly as it turned out, that it would be cooler there.
Lake Bargis
We headed up to Chemolais. Past Lake Bargis (pr. barjiss) and on up further to a lovely, albeit hot, little valley in the mountains.

W had a great time and the scenery was stunning! We took JennietheDog and she had the best time running wildly with her buddies. We went to Venice several times and to Aquileia to see the mosaics. I think she had fun and I am hoping to lure her back to visit. After all ... there is still a gondola ride in her future.
And the JennietheDog says ... come and visit anytime!!!
In the mud puddle
I stir up my reflection
With my walking stick.

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frayedattheedge said...

Our summer has deteriorated somewhat - it's just a pity we can't combine our weather, so that it was cooler for you, hotter for us! Sounds like you had a great time with your niece. Maybe one of these days I'll get to viit you and Jenniethedog!!