Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Uninvited Guest

The Holidays here were hellish and are best left unaccounted for. But I can assure you that they do serve eggnog in Hell ... albeit alchohol free. Next time I will be bringing my own brandy let me assure you.

We have had several new arrivals here in the last few weeks. The first was a kestral who turned up in the chicken coop and whom I was able to catch and then release ... and then catch and release two days later for the same reason. I assume he is chasing the little sparrows and not watching where they are leading him. I was able to have the Husband snap a few pictures and then I let him go. He, amazingly enough, did not try to kill me or peck or otherwise break free. And it was SO exciting to see him up close. So here is another picture.
I was very surprised at how truly small he was. Very fast though as I see him swooping and diving amongst the little birds every afternoon looking for his dinner.

We live on the edge of a raptor preservation area and so have quite a selection of hawks, eagles, and owls. The owls occasionally catch a chicken or rabbit but they are amazing creatures to watch.

The other guest is a pheasant who showed up last week and spent several days pacing up and down in front of the chicken coop. So, I decided to open it up and see what he would do. He promptly ran in and set up house. The chickens ignored him and he left them alone. Then after a few days he wanted out so I let him out.
Now he has taken to following me everywhere I go ... to the point where the neighbors are starting to talk. I almost fall over him if I turn around too fast. I think he must have been raised by someone but no one I know out here raises them so I am not sure. There is a guy north of town who has some, so I may go and buy him some wives and let them loose around him and see if maybe that will distract him from me.
Oh, and he has two legs but he is just warming one of them up ... no PETA letters please!
The little sparrows
Are my only guests today.
Hiding from the storm.