Sunday, April 26, 2009

And Then There Were Four

No sooner did I blog about poor Isabella than the next morning she went into labor. Which continued on for a while. I place a frantic call to the vet about the apparent size of the first lamb. He explained how I would have to check to make sure the lamb wasn't stuck due to a bad presentation and I went out to explain this to Izzy who looked at me with that "you plan to put your hand where?!" look and then proceeded to produce her giant sized lamb just to show me that the hand thing was never going to happen. He is aptly named "Andre" after the giant. A few minutes later he was followed by his very little sister who I named "Alice" after the Alice in the Twilight series. She is beautiful and very tiny and dances everywhere she goes. Andre is every bit as big as the lambs who were born a week earlier and they both are true daredevils when it comes to straw bale jumping and head butting ... no fear for any of them. The weather has been terrible but when I can I will try to get some good lamb pics up.

Other Big News! here is that a yarn store in Kenosha Wisconsin has begun carrying my yarn. Huge news for me!! The store is named Fiddlehead Yarns and if you should ever be in the neighborhood please drop in and see them. I may try to do that myself in my migration to Rhinebeck in October.

On my needles this week is a pair of socks in the Fields of Barley colourway in a wheat ear pattern. I am hoping I will get the first one done soon but I keep having to go out and pet the new lambs. Go figure.

Cold rain -
From the pond in my head
The sound of Basho's frog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What do you think ...

do these babies make my butt look big?

Poor Isabella still has not had her lambs. And she is miserable. Every night I go to bed thinking that in the morning they will have been born ... but not yet. Still, I can hardly imagine it will be much longer. In the mean time, though, these twin rams arrived just a few days ago.
Meet Gizmo and Widget. Too cute huh?

Hopefully more to come tomorrow ...

Tossed among the pines
The little sparrows
Overtaken by the wind.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

In Which the Fates Are Not Amused

It didn't work. No lambs yet. And so I admit defeat. Instead I will post on my current knitting which has been a bit challenging of late. First up is my second Sock Madness sock. It was my first foray into stranded colour work and I turned it inside out to show how nice that part turned out. I have to say that I am rather pleased with it myself. I knit it in a wool silk blend. The purple is the Victoria's Ballgown colourway and the salmon was a one time dye job. I actually love the purple and will be knittin gmuch more in that colour in the future. But competetive sock knitting wears me out and when I came to the toe this is what happened. I am so discouraged that I will not be knitting the second one ... but will send the first "on the road" with my yarn. Here is the picture. Laugh softly please as I am still a bit sensitive. And yes I kitchnered the toe crosswise from the decreases. Why? Because I SO wanted to be done and I was SO tired and I chose not to pay attention. There you have it. No one to blame but myself.

I did finish a cute tiny baby hat and then tried 6 times to do the same lace pattern in a small throw for the baby's carseat. I have now ripped it back to the point where I would prefere to burn it but instead will start it this afternoon in a Feather and Fan pattern which I could normally do in my sleep. But here is the hat in the Cherry Blossom festival colour. Blogger is being weird so I think I will go. More to follow I am sure.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Has Nothing On Us...

Here in Idaho sturgeon fishing is a big sport. You cannot kill or keep them but that doesn't stop anyone for going out to see how big a one they can bring in. My neighbor caught this one on Monday ... 8'1" long. Biggest one I have seen. They completely creep me out and these (and the leaches) are the reason I never swim in the Snake River.

Another pastime here in the Spring is the burning of tumbleweeds. I am always sure that we will start a range fire that will consume millions of acres and we never do. Everyone goes out to roll them into the middle of the road and then someone else comes behind and rolls the burning tumbleweeds along into the dry ones ... and great fun is had by all.

I kept thinking that I would wait to blog till I had lambs ... but since they still have not arrived I thought that perhaps I could tempt fate by blogging like I just don't care. If I am back in a few days we will know that it worked. Till then ....

The sound of the wind

In the forest behind me

A raven flies off.