Saturday, August 14, 2010

Change is in the Air

Sitting here this afternoon I suddenly felt a shift in the wind and it seemed that Autumn might just be lurking around the corner. It is one of the things about living overseas in climates and areas that you are completely unfamiliar with. When do the seasons change and what exactly are they bringing? Still, it is August here after all and my flowers are blooming like mad. These are the Moon Flowers which my friend Eiko says that she knows as Dutchman's Pipe:

Bloomed! They smell a bit like the plumeria in Hawaii. I am hoping to have one whole side of the house covered in them next summer.
While my neice was here, one of the places we traveled to was Aquileia to see the mosaics and some of the Roman ruins. They were amazing and the details were incredible. So much so that we were unable to get down to the old Roman docks as we spent so much time in the Basilica. The entire floor of the church is covered in mosaics.
They are still in the process of restoring some of them.

Hmmm ... that's awkward ... it's up-side down.

There are scary fishes (check out the teeth on the guy at the top), the Tale of Jonah (complete with regurgitating whale), Biblical stories and portaits of various citizens mixed in with a variety of seasonal scenes. The city is in the process of excavating the Market:
It is definetely something that I will go back and see again. There is a museum which we did not make it to and several other sets of ruins including the old Roman cemetary. All in all a fabulous day!
On the knitting front I am working on a Secret Project ... but on the not so secret side of my office I am working on what to take with me when I head up for 10 days in the Alps at a knitting workshop courtesy of The Alpine Adventure Agency ... check them out ... they are very cool! So I am going to learn to knit a Faroe Shawl ... here in Italy ... from a woman I apparently lived about 45 minutes from in Idaho ... go figure. LOL! I have decided to take a cone of my beige yarn from the last of my sheep. I sent out a pile of fleeces to Stonehedge Mill to have it spun into yarn. They did a beautiful job!
I am going to use the lightest one for the shawl. And later, I think I will use the darkest one to knit the new pattern from Schoolhouse Press that is EZ's Green Sweater ... and I may even try to overdye the dark yarn to give it a greenish sheen.
Well the mosquitos are eating me alive as I sit here ... I am like a buffet to them here in Italy ... after all those years in Asia where they would have nothing to do with me I have apparently built up quite the karmic debt.

How heavy both seem
The heat over the fields and
The cicada's song


frayedattheedge said...

Your yarn looks lovely. Have a wonderful time on your trip. We are heading to Birmingham (not quite as exotic as the Alps) for a major quilt show later in the week - money may be spent!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - the mosaics look amazing, and your yarns (from your sheep!) look really lovely. I like the overdye idea (even though the dark yarn is gorgeous in its original state).

Carol said...

Hi Meg! It's Carol Lenzie. We met while in TLF last April. You gave me your business card and your Etsy store directed me to your blog :) It sounds like you're getting settled here as well. Now that I'm more or less settled, knitting has re-captured my attention. I think I'll enjoy reading your blog - you're sure to get out and about more than I will!

Maybe we can get together for coffee or tea once in a while and knit or something too! Once the kids get back in school & into a nice routine, I'll give you a call.

Carol said...

Oh, I meant to invite you over to too. I looked you up but couldn't find you but let me know if you're already there! I'm "SARASWATI" over there.