Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gainful Employment

I am a bit jealous. It's a hard thing to admit ... but I am jealous of JennietheDog. You see, while I am not allowed to seek gainful employment here, she has already found a job and settled right in. She is in training to be a Therapy Dog and so she is working at the local library helping the kids who come in to improve their reading skills.

Here she is on a Saturday being read to by a young girl. Today she goes to help the preschoolers. She loves her job since it means that sometimes she gets to be petted and sometimes they read her to sleep. It's a hard job ... but some puppy has to do it. Here she is hanging with her new friends just before she heads in to work.
We are off to work ... she still can't drive ... it's that "no opposable thumbs" thing. But if I get some good pictures I will update this when I get home.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. When Malcolm's Dad was in the Home last year (it's almost the anniversary of his death!) there was a lady came in with a dog for the old folks to fuss over - great therapy for them.

kristieinbc said...

This is a great idea! It is definitely "a dog's life." Ha!

Thanks for the offer of your daughter's help with my Chinese. I am impressed she has gone so far with it. It is not an easy language to learn! My daughter-in-law is Chinese, so helps with my questions, but I will keep your daughter in mind as another resource. I don't have great ambitions for myself. I mostly would like to be able to exchange greetings and count to ten. Anything else I learn will be a bonus!