Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well Italy is looming on the horizon as is my arm surgery. One I am looking forward to and the other ... not so much. We will probably start the shipping our household out in mid February so now comes the time of deciding which knittting projects are "Have to Have's" and which can be mailed and which I can wait upon. I suspect the return to knitting to be slow but I think it will actually help in my recovery.
We have started the Italian House Hunting Project ... and they seem pretty good. Some even have kitchens in them already. What you say? Yes , it is not uncommon to rent a house that has nothing but the walls in it. No sinks, no counters, no nothing. So, we will look for something wioth some land for JennietheDog to run on and maybe I will get a few chickens. I few people we know have actually bought homes there ... and I cannot rule that out. I just hope we have a "view".

This is my view now. So I think the bar is a bit high. LOL

JennietheDog is missing her sheep ... and when most of the chickens go I imagine that will be traumatic as well. She did a brilliant job defending them today from a large and hungry hawk.
If anyone needs any of the yarn in my etsy shop please let me know ASAP as it will be Italy bound in another week. I have a few colours of the wool/silk blend not listed ... if you want to know what they are please ask. More to come I am sure.
On cat's paws ... the fog
Gray and floating, softly creeps
Curling 'round my feet

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Anne said...

What a strange time it must be for you, with the anticipation of moving to Italy ... but first surgery - I'll be thinking of you ... I hate hospitals and all things medical!!