Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How I Spent my Summer Vacation (part deux)

This is my garden ... and so I am busy weeding and canning and freezing. You would think I was feeding an army and not just the DH and I.

I had some cute little chicks that showed up with their proud MaMA one morning :

(this is what blogger refuses to load ... so imagine a big gold chicken with 2 little gold chicks and one little white one ... very cute ... eating ... by the barn)

And I went to .... ALASKA!!! It was so incredibly beautiful. And I met some fab people and I was able to spend a week with my dear friend Brenda of Cast-on fame. The glaciers were amazing .. there were real icebergs and sea otters. I cannot begin to describe the fun that I had. And there was yarn buying ... and lots of it. We were like a plague of locusts everywhere we went.

I have apples to pick and yarn to dye and now summer is almost over. I have two new socks on several sets of needles and a sweater to work on. Plus a trip to Germany and to Wales to plan .... so it's off we go ..... till later!

Hearing the grass sigh

I think, perhaps, the moonlight

Is too beautiful.


cindi said...

Hi Meg! I miss having a garden this year. Yours is amazing!

I love the yarn I got from your Etsy shop. The colors truly catch the spirit of autumn.

Hope to see you, hear from you, speak with you soon!

Mokihana said...

Your garden is fabulous! I used to have one that big, but not anymore. We used to live in Twin Falls, and went through Mountain Home often.

Love the photos!

ambermoggie said...

an you email me about the femmes, amber(dot)moggie (at) virgin(dot)net